You, Me and Happiness

Flagship Program -  Be Super-efficient & Happy Now!

How to remove the mental blocks that are holding you back from making consistent progress

You, Me and Happiness

Flagship Program 

to become Super-efficient & Happy!

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"Balancing one's energy and then focusing this energy on the good in life is but one of the many key components of this course. An inspirational effort worth investing in!"


You, Me and Happiness Flagship Online Course

The You, Me and Happiness Flagship Online Course consists of 9 Online Video Modules plus Bonus Training and can be broken down into the following key areas:

Finding Clarity and Uncovering all Limiting Beliefs 

Finding Inner Fulfilment sharing an Ancient Indian Technique

Learning about Natural Bio-hacks for Super-Efficiency

Personal Development- & Life-Long Upkeep Strategy

The Most Comprehensive Course in Self-Development


"I've been utilising reprogramming of the subconscious mind as Helen taught me for nearly 6 weeks now and the results have been amazing! Work, health, family, fitness, finances THINGS ARE SHIFTING!"

- Justin Ropiha

11 Years in the mental health industry

What I offer clients

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Coaching & DNA Upgrade 

Clear mental blocks and become unstuck

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Executive Monthly

Prevent burn-out

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You, Me and Happiness

Online Course [excl. 1:1]

Be Super-efficient and Happy

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Use Cases

Below you will find three use cases. For privacy reasons, clients' names are not mentioned, yet upon request can be provided as evidential proof. Please refer to our video testimonials for further reference to the results achieved.





The client felt unfulfilled in their personal life and close relationships. The client suffered from low energy and unnecessary distractions resulting from personal and professional life which inhibited business growth. The client was unable to perceive beyond the current challenges. The client wanted a strategy to improve physical health and confidence.


Effective approach:


Client completed online training in full within 3 months with weekly 1:! coaching all remotely. DNA Upgrades were performed bi-weekly to remove any limiting beliefs, enabling the client to consistently and successfully integrate new thought patterns, empowering beliefs, and life-enhancing actions to achieve the above-mentioned goals.




Conflict in work relationships was resolved. The client achieved a new perspective on their personal relationships, allowing the client to proceed without stress. The client acquired new business and achieved higher ROI due to an increase in focus and energy. The client's health, confidence, and stamina improved. The client regained joy and enthusiasm for life. The client's physique, sleep, and eating habits improved. Their sense of adventure returned.






The client was faced with a divorce. The client felt emotionally drained and stressed due to the demand of his business whilst undergoing the emotional turmoil of the separation. The client did not want to distract from their business goals whilst dealing with a divorce.


Effective approach


The client received a DNA Upgrade plus integrative coaching twice a month for over a year whilst the divorce was underway. Trauma was released, confidence built and any limiting beliefs replaced to ensure a healthy future. A strong focus was placed on heightened awareness. The client specifically enjoyed their rapid change of perceptions and interpretations.




The client navigated outstandingly well through the divorce process. The client enjoyed feelings of acceptance, forgiveness, and personal happiness. Client expanded their business due to more efficient use of time and the confidence to increase their hourly rate for their service.







The client had multiple business interests and a demanding schedule. The client was looking for more effective tools to get more done, whilst increasing their overall feeling of well-being.


Effective approach


The client received DNA Upgrades [removing mental blocks] plus integrative coaching weekly plus targeted online training focusing on wealth manifestation and heightened awareness.




Client felt less boundaries to achieve big goals. Client was in the process of merging 4 companies. Manifestation speed increased rapidly where client had manifestations almost instantaneously, mostly on the same day as intentions were set. Client's awareness expanded to include a bigger picture allowing for better prioritizing of tasks and goals.

My coaching mission

Flagship Program

I believe in building a world of happiness for all, starting with leaders and entrepreneurs to enhance impact.


I believe in increasing human intelligence to aid in the positive evolution of artificial intelligence [AI].

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Helen is a certified NLP Coach with a background in Neurofeedback and  EFT Tapping. The combination of biohacks used was designed to holistically and efficiently improve human intelligence. 


With a  keen interest in Science, Consciousness, AI & Innovation, You, Me and Happiness coaching not only supports clients on an individual level.


Knowledge and understanding of future trends and Consciousness allow for breakthroughs and exciting transformations both personally and in business.

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A day later I received a cheque I didn't expect . Then I went to do groceries and at the check-out I had somehow accumulated points I was not aware of and paid a fraction of the bill. My sex life, the same day after my first session with Helen and for 3 days after I was so 'horny', hehe, even my husband wondered what was going on. I recommend you work with Helen, you won't be disappointed!

Renata Clarke-Gray  -  Writer/Songwriter

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Professionalism: Mutual respect and attention to meet agreed outcomes are combined with a flexible approach to ensure clients reach their fullest potential.


Expert Guidance: In addition to 11 years of experience, Helen frequently engages in conversation with top scientists and AI researchers like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, in addition to doing her own research on Consciousness and Self-development trends and tools to improve her ability to help clients. Working with five natural biohacks distinguishes her from other coaches.


Personal care and attention: She has a unique ability to regulate clients' energy fast and remotely and deeply cares for the well-being of her clients, ensuring a supportive, loving, and safe environment for growth.

A day later I received a cheque I didn't expect. Then I went to do groceries and at the check-out, I had somehow accumulated points I was not aware of and paid a fraction of the bill. My sex life, the same day after my first session with Helen and for 3 days after I was so 'horny', hehe, even my husband wondered what was going on. I recommend you work with Helen, you won't be disappointed!

Writer / Songwriter

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