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March 13, 2020 | 3PM ET/NY

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What is a DNA Upgrade?

Targeted DNA Upgrade Benefits:


  1. Instant clarity from blocks being removed during the session, a-ha moments, and sudden manifestations
  2. Increased energy and focus post session leading to super-efficiency and super-productivity
  3. Enhanced intuitive ability leading to the ability to make decisions that move the needle significantly


 - Clarity
 - Feeling of awakening

 - Lightness

 - Emotional release

 - Heightened awareness

 - Detoxification

 - Chakra alignment

 - Physical transformation

 - Sudden realizations, a-ha moments

 - Ability to perceive more [seeing things you never saw before]

 - Clearing of mental blocks that have been holding you back in life

 - Sudden manifestations, such as money, career success, ending or beginning of relationships

 - An overall feeling of well-being and happiness

 - Tingling sensations, ringing in the ears, sleepiness, heat, strong vibrations, visions


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You might have heard of DNA Upgrades in spiritual communities.


These upgrades usually refer to photons entering the earth’s atmosphere, some call them light particles. A photon is a combination of particle and wave that travel at the speed of light. They are streaming in from the cosmos. Physicists study high-energy light, known as gamma rays.


We already know that photons transport energy and that the quantity of energy carried by a photon is proportional to the frequency of light. That is, the greater the frequency of the wave, the more energy it carries.


It is useful to know that physician Richard Gerber describes matter as frozen light, i.e. he says your body is ‘frozen light’. Gerber characterizes the physical body’s cellular matrix as a complex energy interference pattern and bio-energetic field. Think of the physical body as an energy field composed of vibrational segments.


According to scientist Max Planck, the higher the frequency of light, the greater the energy. This idea also includes that everything quantum matter has a frequency and consequently waves, which is another scientific breakthrough that has fundamentally altered our understanding of the physical universe.


Louis De Broglie found the wavelengths that correspond to matter, yet are not visible to humans. Breakthroughs in quantum physics suggest that all matter, including that which makes up the human body, is made up of light waves.


David Bohm, a Nobel laureate in physics, has written about what he calls the ‘implicate order of the holographic cosmos’. According to this theory, the entire cosmos is an ever-changing cosmic hologram loaded with information.


Now, this is important as I always refer to the human body containing data. Each layer contains a higher level of information, and each higher level is manifested in space/time. The higher order can be viewed as awareness that filters wave-like information into shape. Every section includes knowledge about the whole cosmos since it is a hologram. As a result, consciousness is present in all things.


Light serves as both a medium and a message.

Targeted DNA Upgrades

Understanding all of the above let us now look at what happens during a targeted DNA Upgrade session.


Light serves as both a medium and a message. Imagine this light information and medium contained and specifically directed to an awareness unit. You are the awareness unit as the client.


I am able to see the light information in a coded form and as a medium and using these two elements in a targeted way I increase the energy, thus the awareness and thus raising consciousness.


During an upgrade session, I create a safe environment that is designed specifically for the purpose of concentrating the light and thus enhancing the process of receiving information.

This communication takes place between the higher mind and the DNA through the process of epigenetics.


My research has been substantiated through the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and my personal interaction with him.


During a targeted session clients can actually feel [remotely] how the information is being integrated thus making the experience much more ‘real’ or ‘live’.


Please refer to the video testimonials which give an account of what has been experienced, yet each client is unique and the experience is personal to their stage of growth in consciousness.

What happens during a targeted DNA Upgrade?

Our DNA, our genes create the building blocks. This you can understand as what we call matter, our bodies and ‘stuff’ in our lives, our behaviors, and so on.


Imagine electrical signals coming from the environment. Our central nervous system picks up these signals through our five senses. This is called perception.


Yet why do people become stuck? Why do we still act out in undesired ways even if our intention is to change?


It is because of interpretation. We interpret with our minds. Our mind runs on programs we learn from when we were in the womb until age 7 predominantly.


When these signals are perceived by us and interpreted by our minds, we release hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream that affect how our genes are expressed and which building blocks are selected.


This is then how we act out in our daily life.


When I do a DNA Upgrade on a client I bypass the limited mind and send signals straight from the higher mind to the DNA.

What you may experience during and post-session:

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