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Remove Mental Blocks

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"Other than my Engineering English prof., you are the only female prof. & came out to be the one re-embedding positive vibes in me, that special energy which helped me get rid of nonsense in my mind & helped me concentrate to complete my Karma Marga."


The complete guide to transforming into a super-efficient and happy individual.

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Starting from a need to know who and what she is and what this existence is all about, Helen's creation You, Me and Happiness has now grown into a global movement. The goal of You, Me and Happiness is to build a world of happiness for all, starting with leaders and top entrepreneurs.


Remove mental blocks & prevent burnout

It is frustrating to feel stuck and powerless and not know WHY.


Endless mindset training, perpetuating conversations, and reading self-help books are fast becoming dated.


Besides, it is the same old story with a different cover and one ends up with process upon process, unable to keep a steady momentum.


If you are like me, you want to be at peace, and live a healthy and joyful life, fulfilling your highest excitement to the best of your ability.


After reverse engineering my life at age 16 I understood that I first and foremost need to know who and what I am and what my existence is all about in order to know what I want in life.


Secondary to this I was aware of a multitude of mental blocks that kept me from making steady progress. I did not like getting stuck, not knowing why and how to navigate smoothly past it.


You, Me and Happiness is designed to provide solutions to both of these problems as a result of my personal experience, the research I have done, and those whom I have helped in the process.

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I want you to try Joe Language 100% risk free for 14 days and if you don’t think this course is suitable for you, just drop us a message at our Support Desk and we will have your refund processed immediately.

That’s my promise to you!

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Hi, I’m Helen Müller, founder of You, Me and Happiness.

Since 2015, I’ve been helping people like you find true fulfillment in life. I started this quest at age 16 and it took me all around the world, from sailing across the Atlantic ocean, riding horses at Fort Benning, sleeping on my luggage at the London Underground when I was broke as hell,  to drinking Pina Coladas in Mexico, living lavida loca, whilst all along fighting my own mental blocks.

With the help and support of entrepreneurs like Willie Laney, Carlos Aviles and Anik Singal I have developed the You, Me and Happiness Transformation Package and You, Me and Happiness Program to be the guides I wished I had 20 years ago when I was lost and confused.


Join me to live your true potential.



Founder & DNA Upgrade Specialist

This could be a fit for you if you…

  1. Are not fundamentally happy/fulfilled: You know you are looking for something but you cannot put your finger on it. You are happy from time to time, perhaps because of a relationship, money, or professional success, yet find yourself deeply unhappy when things don’t work out or when you find yourself alone.
  2. Find yourself prioritizing work, family, others, and general life duties, before your own fulfillment: You know that it is important yet you don’t know why you don’t do something about it and you are also tired of the self-help books and self-development gurus as you got burned a few times and you are just not feeling it.
  3. Want to find one solution to your problem that doesn’t have an expiry date: You want to be happy and free and function optimally and are looking for a simple recipe to follow that has proven results.
  4. Like to be a part of cool stuff like natural biohacking, space travel, epigenetics, higher mind communication, and the evolution of consciousness.
  5. Enjoy a bit of humor.
  6. You are ready to commit to a process and put in the work to get the results you are after.

A Super-efficient- and Happy life is possible for you.


There’s no need to become overwhelmed.






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Love, Helen

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