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The meditations have been designed to help you become fulfilled and super-efficient. Expect heightened awareness, improved focus, better concentration and feelings of abundance! 

 - PETER TAUNTON, Forbes Online Contributor and Founder of Snapfitness

Meditations for Super-efficiency & Happiness

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How Meditation Affects Us

I actually cannot remember when I started meditating. To be completely honest with you, it never worked for me.


I would sit there thinking about getting into a meditative state, breathing for some minutes, and before I knew it I was planning dinner.


From age 27 I got into a practice that I teach in my You, Me and Happiness Flagship Program. I don't call it meditation, it is the only practice that I found that could stop my thought and it truly changed my life. I still practice it to this day.


Meditation's impacts and advantages are very personal in my opinion.


However, scientific investigations employing diverse approaches can now experimentally demonstrate these impacts and advantages, even at the genetic level.


Some of us dismiss the health advantages of free resources like breathing, exercise, fasting, and meditation in favor of drugs. Some people try these things once or twice and then abandon them, figuring they won't work.


Meditation, like fasting and exercise, initially places tremendous stress on the pre-frontal cortex, altering brain chemistry and circuitry in the long run for improved performance. These metabolic changes are gradual.


I use it to communicate with my higher mind and thus find it imperative in self-development.


If you had a go at it or are on the fence, don't give up!




You, Me and Happiness Workbook


This is a 122-page digital workbook also available for print. A great way to fast forward manifestation with the writing exercises as well as help you map out a plan towards realizing your dreams.


15 min. Spiral Meditation for Super-efficiency

10 min. Spirit Meditation to attract Miracles

You, Me and Happiness

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Four Keys to Happiness


Revealing the INTEGRATION METHOD (I'M), combining Quantum Science, Biology, the role Emotions play and Spirituality. Making known the three missing elements used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction will bring you the wealth, health, and happiness you seek.



Focus on Goals


A comprehensive guide to making known the importance of setting goals both in your personal and professional life. An easy read with invaluable tips and help on how to set goals and ultimately reach them.




Time for Time


This powerful guide puts "TIME" in perspective and is jam-packed with ideas on how to utilize your time effectively. Become familiar with easy strategies to take back control of your minutes and hours, create plans, and get more done in less time.

You, Me and Happiness – A Methodology for Fulfilment


This is 365 days specifically designed to step-by-step, day-by-day systematically train our mind into a positive vibration. Evidently, it will help you shape your dream life and attract your desires to you with ease. Each day consists of a quote along with five key points to focus on. The aim is to focus ONE DAY AT A TIME. Do not underestimate the power of FOCUS. The actions and concepts are simple and powerful, leaving you feeling optimistic and full of energy.

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